if you were bullied, threatened or silenced by an authority, this documentary gives you the opportunity to speak out and share your story with the public.



Blakout.ca is a place for victims of injustice to speak out and share their stories with the public. It assumes that crimes against social justice persist in a democracy, not because people don't care, but because the victims are not heard and the public is uninformed.

By encouraging a collective voice to contribute, this work aspires to demonstrate systemic issues, which stem from an abuse of power by publicly paid officials and democratically erected organizations.

Through documentary media, this site encourages anyone who feels bullied and silenced by employees of democratic organizations (any agencies or employees funded by tax dollars), including: government workers, lawyers, judges, politicians, leaders of publicly held corporations, religious organizations and any other authority figure, to speak out.

A society that is silenced by fear has a dysfunctional democracy; in Canada, each citizen is entitled to their voice but many people have been bullied not to use it. This issue creates a society that is not democratic at all. If people are abused and remain silent, the abuse will, inevitably, affect more victims. If you're the first person to raise an issue, you are likely not alone. Your courage to speak out will be felt by many.

Unlike YouTube.com, where a person uploads content and it's immediately displayed to the public, this is a directed online documentary. This means that witnesses agree to a consent form, are contacted, and stories are edited and researched before being published to the "Voices Archive" section of the website.

All members of the public (including public servants) are encouraged to contribute.

Public submissions to the documentary commenced in June 2011 and concluded in January 2013. Story submissions are no longer being accepted. This page is for archival and documentary purposes only. To view story submissions, visit the Voices Archive section of the documentary.

how it works

1. Read and Agree to the Consent Form.
2. Create your password and answer some questions.
3. Write your story.
4. Upload any files you want.

Read and agree or disagree to the consent form. You will be required to enter your personal information at the end of the consent form, which will be kept confidential. If you agree, you will be prompted to the next screen.

Answer some general questions about yourself including password creation to access or edit your story later on.

Write your story. You can write a summary of your story or write it in full.

Upload any audio, video, photos or documents (optional). Finished.
Note: Your story will not be submitted for editing and publication until you click the "Finish" button.

[The "Start Now" button was removed in January 2013, when the online documentary closed for public submissions. To read, view and listen to stories submitted by the public, visit the Voices Archive section of the website.]