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CHAPTER 1 [13:01 min]

"The circle - I like to say - it's magic. And why not let this magic work for children? Because it's just so much more humane."

CHAPTER 2 [6:32 min]
CAS doesn't help

"Some people have a belief, that well, if the Children's Aid Society will help! And, in theory, it should!"

CHAPTER 3 [9:16 min]
Trauma and courts

"Apprehension of children should be a last resort, after everything else has failed. But too often it's the first resort."

CHAPTER 4 [10:40 min]
Abused in care

"Don't tell anybody or I'll kill you. Or I'll kill your sister."

CHAPTER 5 [3:21 min]
Drugs for profit

"The state that its in at present, is just giving money to what I consider to be professional child predators, child drug pushers."

CHAPTER 6 [3:58 min]
No love at CAS

"They are very boastful of the power they have to destroy families."

CHAPTER 7 [8:08 min]
Abuse of power

"Cross examination to a social worker is like garlic to a vampire."

CHAPTER 8 [2:25 min]
Funding Formula

"The agencies have an incentive to take children away from parents."

CHAPTER 9 [3:20 min]
Milenium scoop

"The government has these children, and these are wards of the government."

CHAPTER 10 [6:57 min]
CAS destroys lives

"They took away my dignity as a person and my parental rights as a mother."

CHAPTER 11 [8:12 min]

"They're gonna fall hard one of these days. You know, karma, what you do to others? It's gonna come back to them."

chapter 1 Apprehensions chapter 2 CAS doesn't help chapter 3 Trauma & courts chapter 4 Abused in care chapter 5 Drugs for profit chapter 6 No love at CAS
chapter 7 Abuse of power chapter 8 Funding Formula chapter 9 Millennium Scoop chapter 10 CAS destroys lives chapter 11 Accountability full movie Full Movie