Web Developer, Programmer

Narendra and I have worked together for nearly a decade on a wide spectrum of web-based projects, building applications from the bottom-up. As a proficient programmer, Narendra’s sharp development skills have enabled him to build complex database-driven websites by utilizing whatever code most appropriately suits the objectives of the site. Unlike linguistics, web-based languages are in constant flux, changing rapidly as web browers and operating systems evolve. Thus, learning a language, such as ASP, PHP or any variation of JavaScript and HTML one day, does not qualify a programmer to be fluent the next. While my own focus in new media has shifted radically from development to content (over time, I have lost an important degree of proficiency in web languages), I have confidently relied on Narendra’s knowledge to evolve as technology changes. He reliably adapts these rapid amendments into written code, with a very low rate of programming error. Our process involves my providing Narendra with design layouts, cut images and technical specs, and he transforms this information into a sophisticated website. I consult with him on best practices and he investigates ways for achieving my envisioned outcome, be it visual or technical. He programs ‘to the pixel,’ sometimes correcting inconsistencies in my instruction or offering me an alternate solution - a programmer’s attribute that is priceless. In addition to developing the visual presentation for (as experienced by the user), Narendra has developed a director-centric Web 3.0 back-end application, specific to the needs of a directed documentary work on the web.